Chilli Island | Small Electric Boats For Lakes

Chilli-Island is a motorized small electric boat for enjoy your Sunday party on lake. It designed to provide fun on water as similar to the perfect vessel. It looks most similar to the motorized lounge chair. But it have everything in it to enjoy a sunny day with your special companion. The Chilli Island gets power from the torqeedo electric motor and 300 Ah rechargeable batteries. This electric boat can continuously run up to six hours with a single charge.

Chilli Island Small Electric Boats For Lakes

The Vienna-based company called ‘Chilli Island’ create this mini boat for an alternative to other lightweight watercraft like pedal boats. This uniquely designed watercraft is perfect for water-based relaxation like  lakes, beach resorts and hotels. The weight of this boat is 440 lb. It’s made from the polyethylene and fiberglass. And the adjustable shading system is inspired by the palm tree. That protect your skin from the hot sun light.

Chilli Island Small Electric Boats For Lakes2

You can easily control the speed and direction on the boat with central trackball. And it just like operating a joysticks. It comes with a cup holder and bottle cooler to keep your drinks cold. You can play music from the dual Bluetooth audio system. The small on-board computer will indicate the battery level and the speed of the watercraft. Check the Chilli Island on their website!

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