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This temporary and portable lock for door lets you add a lock to any kind of door. It works on pretty muck any kind of doors. So you can use this device as a travel lock, airBNB lock, school Lockdown Lock. It will perfectly fits on the door that opens inwards. You can take it with you when you travel for additional safety and security while in your room wherever you stay. Now you can stay safe at hotels, motels, and even locking bathroom doors.

Portable Lock For Door:

Portable Lock For Door

It’s unique design allows you to easily install in few seconds, even your kids and elderly parents can easily install them. All you have to do is simply place the metal piece on the latch of the door knob. And close the door to fix the metal piece in place. Then lock the AddALock in position with the moving rod on the red piece. That’s it! now your door is securely locked. So you can enjoy your trip with a piece of mind you need.

portable door lock

This portable door lock provides you an extra security in case the first lock breaks or someone has a key for it. Have you booked to stay in a hotel, then you must know that the cleaning staffs, the supervisors, management and many others can able to get into your room. But this portable door lock gives you an additional security and privacy while in your room. Not only hotels, it’s also suitable for apartments, school lock-downs, AirBNBs or any other short term rental. Check the AddALock on!

Watch the Portable Lock For Door in action down below:

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