Cleansebot | Bacteria Killing Robot for Travel

Do you love travelling and worried about bacteria and germs in hotel rooms? Then the Cleansebot bacteria killing robot will help you to kill the scary bacteria. The pocket-sized disinfect robot designed to sanitize and disinfect any surface including your bed and blankets. It uses the UVC light to kill the germs. The Cleansebot is the all-in-one cleaning robot, and you can carry this robot easily on all of your adventures. It comes with the built-in artificial intelligence, 18 sensors and three different modes.

Bed Cleaning Robot Kills Bacteria In Bed-sheets

In under blanket mode, simply put you Cleansebot on the bed and press the button then let it sanitize and disinfect your bed for either 30 or 60 minutes. It perfectly works on any kind of matters and blankets you have. The patent-pending wheel technology allows the robot to climb over any lumps bumps in the sheets and never fall off the bet. In handheld mode, Just pickup the Cleansebot and the sensors will detect your hand. And uses the bottom UVC light to disinfect light switches, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, cell phones, keyboards, and even children’s toys.

World's First Bacteria Killing Robot

The Cleansebot bacteria killing robot can run and disinfect up to three hours on a single charge. It also have a power bank mode with a 3700 MA battery and a USBC port for easily charge your mobile devices. The UV-C light can kills 99.99% of bacteria, germs, and mold. It can even fight the spread of airborne viruses. Finally there is a solution for travelers to guard against germs and bacteria while staying in  AirBnBs and hotels. Check the Cleansebot on!

Watch the Cleansebot Bacteria Killing Robot in action down below:

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