Quick Release Harness Clip | Easily Bring Down Things From The Attic

This quick release harness clip allows you to lower multiple things without having to go with them every time. Particularly on Christmas time, this uniquely designed clip helps you to bring down boxes and Christmas decorations From The Attic. Unlike other heavy and unreasonably expensive tools, the Blackwall Carabiners is very cheap and practical solution that prevent you to climb in and out for every single box.

Quick Release Harness Clip

This clip perfectly works on four point hooked harness, single loop knotless gear tie, and even double-cross knotless gear tie. The Blackwall Carabiners was designed and invented by Brent Garcia. He also invent multiple uniquely designed hooks previously. All you have to do is, simply throw the rope around your box or any king of object. And make a knot with this clip. Then you have to pull tension on the rope to keep everything in place.

Easily Bring Down Things From The Attic

Once the box reaches your floor the rope comes free. So you can easily unravel the harness without getting down. It works perfectly on the both single byte and multiple bytes. You can also use it as a gear tie and even a double cross gear tie while you go for backpacking. If you don’t want to use it as a quick release, then you can able to use it as a simple 4-point hook. Finally, while you move into a new home or  bringing down Christmas decorations from the attic this tool prevents you from go up and down the stairs so many times. Check the Blackwall Carabiners on Kickstarter.com!

Watch the Quick Release Harness Clip in action down below:

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