Ice Genie | Improved Ice Cube Trays

This is a new and improved ice tray. It’s called Ice Genie and it saves more space for you. It holds up to 120 ice cubes. It can replace as many as 10 normal ice cube trays from your fridge. You can also use it as a drink holder. Now it’s time to throw out your old ice tray, there’s a new and improved version.

Ice Genie is a progressive space-saving ice cube creator. This tray freezes cubes in an external chamber, So you can pop out with a squeeze. Now it’s easy to have enough ice for a social get together and parties. The ice genie is dishwasher safe for fast and simple cleanup. It designed with unique double chamber. The external chamber freezes the ice cubes while the inner chamber holds them. It will provides you enough ice for your entire party.

It can also be used as a large koozie to keep your large bottles chilled. If you want to keep your drinks chilled for hours. Just insert them into the Ice Genie. It can be any drink like soda, wine, water, or beer. or you can even hold an entire pint of ice-cream. The ice genie can make 120 ice cubes at the same time. It will replace 10 ice cube trays and saves ton of space in your freezer. An air-tight lid lets you make ice cubes three times faster.

It’s made with BPA-free material, so they are safe to use. You can wash them on dishwasher. It’s super easy to clean when it needs it. No more need to take up a large portion of your cooler space with ugly ice ice cube trays. It comes with the lid. That will prevent Ice Genie from spilling in the cooler. Keep your fridge loaded with ice without giving up important storage room using the Ice Genie. Check those Improved Ice Cube Trays here!

Watch the Ice Genie | Improved Ice Cube Trays in action:

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