Best Manual RV Washer Dryer Combo | Non-Electric, Hand Powered, Portable | Easy Wash

This manual RV washer dryer combo must be the most portable, hand powered and non-electric washing solution for RV living. This off-grid washing machine is called the ‘Easy Wash’. It allows you to wash and dry your clothe with your minimum hand power. All you have to do is, simply put your dirty clothes into the drum and add some water in it. Then gently spin the handle to operate the laundry alternative. Once you done, simply switch the handle to turn the washer into a spinner. That allows you to dry your cloths without taking them out.

Best Manual RV Washer Dryer Combo:

Manual RV Washer Dryer Combo

This portable washer and dryer for RV allows you to completely wash and dry your cloths within 15 minutes. It’s uniquely designed drum geometry and whirlpool easily and thoroughly washes almost any kind of suborn stains. The drum and the handle has provide 150 rpm to wash your cloths. And attachment technology of the handle allows you to use minimum physical effort to rotate the handle. This camping washing machine suitable for all types of textile such as wool, silk, cottons, synthetic, baby clothes, shirts daily wear and even lines.

Non-Electric, Hand Powered, Portable | Easy Wash

It’s portable enough to fits in to the trunk of your car. So you can carry around the washing machine wherever you go. You can use it on camping sites, trailers, suburbs, student dormitory and apartments. It’s special suction cups helps you to attach the machine tightly to any surface. Once you have done washing, simply remove the cap on the side to completely drain the water. This RV washer only weights 7.7lbs. So you can easily store or hide away the washing machine when not in use. Finally, 15 minutes of washing time is lot quicker than going to the laundry. Check the Easy Wash on!

Watch the Manual RV Washer Dryer Combo in action:

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