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This smart window cleaning robot will automatically scrub your glass windows to clean them. This automatic window cleaner is called the ‘Limodo Window Wizard’. It uses a powerful suction mechanism for attach to your glass windows or doors. It’s unique path detection system and built-in sensors allows the Wizard works to scrub away smudges and dirt from every corners of the window. You can control the robot with a smartphone APP or by using a remote control.

Smart Glass window cleaning robot:

Smart Glass window cleaning robot

The Limodo Window Wizard also features path detection system, powerful suction system, edge detection system and hook anti fall system. So this smart window cleaning robot is helps you to shine your windows every day without human interruption. All you have to do is, simply add your favorite cleaner into the robot. And the automatic cleaning robot will handle every inch of cleaning for you. It’s smart cleaner easily reach hard-to-reach spots while your hands are busy on other important works.

Limodo Window Wizard Smart Window Cleaning Robot scrubs your windows on its own

The path detection system allows you to choose the cleaning direction and clean plan to clean the window. The sensor of the edge detection system prevent the robot from collision or falling off the edge. Unlike other cleaning robots, its powerful suction system allows it to hug the very edge of the window for an extreme level of cleaning. This cleaner robot also comes with a 30-minute battery backup. If you doesn’t have any power outlet near the window, then simply use the battery backup to finish the cleaning process.

 window cleaning robot

The remote control is very simple and easy to control the window wizard. They also provide an smartphone app for both iOS and Android. Surprisingly, it doesn’t produce any louder noise. So it won’t disturb you and none will notice that a robot working on your window until they saw it. It also have an hook anti-fall system for an additional safety. Check the Limodo Window Wizard on!

Watch the Glass window cleaning robot in action:

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