Safecut Knife | Peeling And Multi-Use Kitchen Knife

Now you can protect your thumbs using this Safecut Knife. It Comes with the thumb protector that snaps onto the handle. The inventor was inspired by thimbles. This Safest Knife will gives you a chance to peel, cut and slash as you like while ensuring your fingers. A peeling and multi-use kitchen knife that allows you to cut fruit and vegetable anywhere with no need of cutting board. 


The SafeCut Knife will come with a stainless-steel blade, and an ergonomic handle for a better grip. The dishwasher safe item will be accessible in four unique sizes depending the user’s preference. It have an integrated thumb protector in the bottom portion of the knife. That protect your fingers from the sharp blades. Cut and move safely against the finger without hassle. The Genesis Design & Concept makes the SafeCut knife safer and unique.


The blade made from the great quality stainless steel material. It’s called the X50CrMoV15 high carbon stainless steel. There are straight blade, a serrated blade are available. Both of the blades are having a pointy tip. It is perfect for peeling and decorating. Check it out!

Watch the video down below:

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