Extreme Demogorgon Dog Costume | Stranger Things Costume

Now you can turn your dog into a cute Demogorgon for this Halloween. The Demogorgon dog costume was inspired by the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’. And it was designed and created by the Etsy shop called ‘ThatCraftyFriendShop’. This terrifyingly adorable dog costume four different sizes like extra small, small, medium, large. All you have to do is, simply measure your furry friend’s collar size and pick a perfect sized costume. If you are a big fan of the Stranger Things, then get ready to turn your dogs into ferocious demons this coming October.

Extreme Demogorgon Dog Costume:

Demogorgon Dog Costume

This Stranger things dog costume was completely made by hands. They uses the ‘Wool Felt’ material to create the costume. Also you can easily wear or remove the costume from your dog’s neck. It’s heavy-duty snaps allows you to securely fix the costume on your dog and the snaps ensure the costume stays in place. The extra small sized costume is perfect for little dog breeds like Teacup, Chihuahua which is weights between 5-10lbs. And it measures  10 inches to 12 inches.

Stranger Things dog Costume

The medium sized costume is perfect for dog breads like Pugs, Schnauzer, Cocker Spaniel. And also the large and extra large sizes for dogs like Dalmatian, Labrador, grade Dane and German shepherd. The shop also create costumes orders, so you can send perfect measurements of your dog’s color size for  perfect fit. Finally, here is the perfect way to allow your pet to involve in your Halloween costume community on this October. Check the Stranger Things dog Costume on Etsy.com!

Watch the Demogorgon Dog Costume in action down below:

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