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Now you can monitor your doorstep 24 hours in a unique and advanced way. ‘WUUK’ is an affordable and simplest smart video doorbell that provides professional-lever security to your family. It allows you to see who’s on the doorstep and communicate with them. So you won’t miss your special visitor again. It designed with advanced HD camera features Ai facial recognition and an IR night vision. This device connects to your home WiFi to notify you when someone approach your doorway.

Smart Video Doorbell For Home & Office

WUUK smart doorbell

WUUK door bell doesn’t need any professional handyman to install. So any one can install the smart doorbell in a two different way, such as using mounting screws or double-sided tape. If someone tries to remove or disable, then the anti-theft alarm sounds a loud noise to alert you and scare away the culprit. This wireless device uses the 6700 mAh battery. So it can works perfectly up to 8 months with a single charge. Is your door far from the WiFi range? No need to worry, the ‘chime’ which is comes along with the doorbell acts as a WiFi amplifier to extend your WiFi coverage.

Smart Video Doorbell For Home

Once you complete the installation, simply download the WUUK smartphone app which is available for both apple and android devices. So you can extend the functionality of this doorbell by manage your home or office front door from anywhere. It’s motion detection sensors automatically sends you a notification when it it detects someone. And the 162 degree HDR camera of 1536×1536 resolution have a 0.35s quick wake-up speed. So it will begins the tow way video call immediately.

Answer Your Door From Anywhere With Smart Video Doorbell

If you are to busy to communicate to the visitors, then simply use the pre-recorded voice message of your choice. It’s AI facial recognition algorithm automatically learn to identify the person when they visit again. The 16 foot range IR night vision extremely helps you to monitor your property all day. Finally, WUUK is ideal for the person who needs an extremely advanced way to secure his family. Check the WUUK doorbell on!

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