This Card Turns Your Smartphone Into a Hidden Camera Detector

This credit card sized card will transform your smartphone into a hidden camera detector. And helps you to find the spy cameras easily wherever you go. This secret camera finding card is called the ‘ Redcard’ created by David Lee. If you love travelling around the world, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. This this card helps you to enjoy your journey safely. No-more worrying about secret hidden cameras while staying on a hotel room.

Smartphone Into a Hidden Camera Detector:

Smartphone Into a Hidden Camera Detector

The ‘Redcard’ hidden camera is very easy to use and works perfectly with almost any kind of smartphone. All you have to do is, Simply cover both the flash and the camera with a Redcard. And turn the flash, then position the smartphone on suspicious areas for hidden cameras. If you find a small shiny and bright object, then it can be a hidden camera. You can also able to keep recording the hole process for evidence.

Hidden Camera Detector

This hidden camera detector card was made from the flexible multilayered Cellophane. Unlike other expensive hidden camera detectors, the Redcard is very cheap and portable. You can easily keep the card into your purse, wallet, and even backside of your phone case. It’s unique design and thickness won’t get wrinkled up easily. So it can be suitable for long term use. It measures 54 mm in width and 86 mm in height, similar to the credit card.

Easiest way to find a spy camera with a card

It uses the principle of infrared detectors to find hidden cameras. Using this Redcard and flash light you can illuminate the LED light with a wavelength of 600-700nm. Lights with this wavelength can be easily reflected by  curved surfaces like camera lens. So you will get a clear white dot on your smartphone’s display which is reflected by a hidden camera’s lens. Check the Redcard on!

Watch the Hidden Camera Detector card in action:

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