Snow Shovel With Wheel | Snow Wolf Shovel

This snow pusher shovel wants to save your back in this winter season. The ‘Snow Wolf’ snow shovel with wheel comes with the huge wheel. So it extremely removes the stress on your back which will leads to a back pain. Unlike other ordinary shovels, it provides leverage with the giant wheel and allows you to shovel massive amounts of snow from your sidewalk or driveway. This unique snow shovel will remove snow 3 times faster then the classical shovel.

shovel with wheels

If you hate snowblowers and want to live in a natural way, Then this wheeled snow shovel must be the perfect fit for you. These snow shovel with wheel is made from the injection molded polypropylene and heavy gauge steel. The durable and light weight of the shovel blade have a 26 inch extra wide. So it allows you to clear more snow in a single shovel motion. These snow shovel comes in two variants. One of them have folding frame for easy storage and another one is non-folding.

snow shovel with wheels

This snow wolf shovel will ultimately reduce you physical exertion by as much as 75% to 80% while shoveling. The innovative design of the shovel maximizes mobility and leverage. It assigns most of the back-breaking work to a large wheel. Finally, this device could be a solution for taking the stain off your back, in your heart and also taking the snow off your driveway. Check the Snow Wolf Shovel here! 

Watch the Snow Shovel With Wheel in action down below:

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