Best Trailer Hitch Alignment System | Reel Quik Hitch

This extending hitch makes it easier to attach your trailer on your car. This trailer hitch alignment system is called the Reel Quik Hitch, and it’s created by Hitchrific. The tool can pull up to 10,000 lbs. This unique trailer hitch that helps you to attach a trailer on your first try every time. It’s creative design allows you to hook your trailer faster ans safer then any other hitch. All you have to do is, simply adjust adjust it to reach your car and use the winch to pull the trailer into position.

self aligning trailer hitch

Trailer hookup can be one of the most frustrating things you can do. And it requires multiple attempts to get lined up. The problem with an ordinary standard hitches is that today’s vehicles are big and long. And even an expert driver can’t tell where the ball and the coupler actually are when backing up. There are over a hundred million vehicles on the road today with this problem. But,now you can save your bumper and back with this Trailer Hitch Alignment System.

trailer hook up

Whether you are pulling your trailer or launching your boat the Reel Quik Hitch will get trailer hooked quickly and correctly. Moving a heavy trailer can causes a strained back or other injuries. The self aligning trailer hitch is a safe and effective way to hook up a trailer easily even when you are by your self. This trailer hitch have an ability to tow up to 6,000 pounds. The Reel Quik Hitch will extend and position the ball directly beneath your trailer’s coupler. 

hitch alignment device

Anyone can easily install the Hitchrific Reel Quik Hitch to any standard 2 inch hitch. And the extendable mechanism allows you to adjust it’s position in any direction up to 15 inches. They also provide the and a heavy-duty version of it. That can support up to 10,000 lbs of towing capacity. Finally, this hitch tool will save your time, eliminates frustration and reduce the chances of damage to your vehicle. Also you can hook up your trailer on the first try every time.  Check the Hitchrific Reel Quik Hitch on!

Watch the Trailer Hitch Alignment System in action:

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