Best Swivel Surge Protector With USB | 6-Outlet Space Saving Plug

This Space Plug surge protector with USB, A multi outlet plug ideal for any domestic settings. It has 6 outlets that can swivel to the side so it doesn’t become and obstacle. The innovative plug design allows for a more spacious working environment. The unit is directly plugged onto a wall socket and eliminating a need for a cable. This plug comes with two indicator lights for tracking the power status and surge. You can also directly charge devices using it’s two USB ports.

A Swiveling Surge Protector

This Swivel surge protector will fold the plugs parallel against your wall. So it minimize the room needed between your devices and your wall. And no need push your TV, desk or couch against your wall to get some space for the plugs that are pop-out of your wall. The cordless design helps you to keep all of your device’s cord more organized. Also it attaches everything on the wall, so no more surge protectors laying on the ground to make massive mess.

Globe Electric 6-Outlet Swivel Space Saving 2 USB Port Surge Protector

This unique space plugs are made by the company called Globe Electric. They provide two different versions depends on your need. The first one comes with with 6 outlets, and the second version additionally have two USB ports on the top of the device for charging your phones, tablets and even more gadgets. The extra stability plug provides heavier grip to stay in place. These surge protector comes with 2 indicator lights that display the status. When the light is green that indicates the Space Plug is perfectly grounded.

power surge protector with USB

The space Plug provides up to 2100 joules of surge protection. So when the light is red that indicates the plug is completely protected against surges. Finally the Globe Electric Swivel Surge Protector prevent your TV desk from an ultimate mess of cords, surge protectors, and power adapters. Check the Space Plug surge protector on! 

Watch the Swivel Surge Protector With USB in action:

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