Tether Tug | Interactive Dog Rope Toy That Keeps Your Dog Active All Day

Now your dog can play all day. By using this Tether Tug interactive dog rope toy. The father and son made it for their 3-legged rescue dog. It has a plastic pole buried in the ground. The Tether Tug comes in three sizes for all kinds of dogs. This toy helps you to keep your dog entertained all day. They pursuing, running, hopping and pulling while you sit back. You’ve never seen your puppy in action like this before. All you have to do is just watch and enjoy.

The Tether Tug toy separated into four types.  Big tether tug, indoor tether tug, medium tether tug, and small tether tug are the categories. The BIG is for the greatest, most strongest dogs or the 70+ lb. The Tether Tug Medium is designed for dogs under 70 lbs. And the small is designed for dogs under 35lbs. The Tether Tug permits 360 degree pulling and turning with the joined rope toy. It’s comes with the Tether Tug Pole, in ground base, and 1 rope toy.

Dogs need heavy amount of activity to stay healthy. The Tether Tug will help you to achieve that. Dogs are incredibly social, so ensure you are spending time with your furry friend. The Tether Tug toy is an interactive outdoor toy. That designed to keep dogs healthy, happy and entertained. It’s unique design allows the pull to turn, flex and flip the toy back and front. Providing valuable cardiovascular exercise to dogs of any size.

The Tether Tug provides the interactive play that all dogs need to prevent destructive behavior and stay mentally active. A variety of fun interchangeable toys keeps dogs engaged in hours of energy burning play. It can help you to prevent your dog’s worst behaviors such as digging, fence fighting and escaping simply by giving your dog something better to do. Check it out!

Watch the video down below:

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