This Flower Vase is a Throwable Fire Extinguisher | Samsung Firevase

This throwable flower vase puts out fires in seconds. This portable and throwable fire extinguisher is called the ‘Firevase’ by Samsung. It was made to raise awareness of the importance of fire extinguishers, with an aesthetically pleasing design. And it has been distributed to 100,000 south Korean families so far. All you have to do is to make it work, simply throw the flower vase right into the fire.

Firevase is a Throwable Fire Extinguisher:

Throwable Fire Extinguisher

It acts as a normal vase for your flowers until a fire strikes. When thrown, the vase shatters as it hits the floor and spills the potassium carbonate stored in the vase’s outer chamber. It leads to a rapid cooling reaction that suppresses the oxygen supply and puts out the fire quickly. The firevase also has a small inner chamber that can holds flowers. The Firevase was introduced by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (SFMI) to reduce the home fire accident on South Korea every year.

Samsung made a vase that can also turn out fires

Unlike other ordinary fire extinguishers, The firevas doesn’t spoil your home decor by hanging on the wall. It looks like an beautiful flower vans and makes your living room more beautiful. And none will notice that there is a fire extinguisher in-front of them on the table. Once the fire strikes, anyone can smash the fire with this throwable fire extinguisher. Even kids can save your family from the fire. Finally, here is perfect way to keep your home stylish and safe. Check the Samsung Firevase here!

Watch the Firevase Throwable Fire Extinguisher in action down below:

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