TopperEZLift Truck Toppers | Truck Bed Pop Up Camper

This truck bed topper extends your space. This is called ‘TopperEZLift’.  The truck bed pop up camper lifting system connected to your car’s battery. That will give you the space to store large loads or even camp. Now you can enjoy your next camping trip with maximized sleeping space. The TopperEZLift suitable for all standard pickup trucks and your current topper. You can easily operate this by pushing the button. Just raise the roof! and enjoy the trip.

It doesn’t use any hydraulics or air. All the electric frameworks gets the power directly from your vehicles’ 12 volt battery. Now you can use your truck as a continent camper. And also easily carry large while keep your topper on. The push of a button raises your topper using your truck’s 12-volt power. So camping and toy hauling just got a whole lot easier with TopperEZLift. Your hole family can enjoy the great outdoors with the push of a button.

You can easily install, operate and remove. And also raise or lower your truck’s top in a second. The linear actuators are equipped for lifting an aggregate of 900 lbs. It Eliminate headaches from removing your topper on those large loads. So, you can get a quick and easy “pop-up” camper in just seconds. It also comes with the camper package add-on. zippered side windows allow you to access loads from the sides.

The Contractor Camper Package comes with the 3 side panels and the Contractor Back. It easily rolls up into the inside of the topper and without removing the Camper Back you can use your truck. It will lift your topper up-to of 17.5 inches in height. It’s a self-install topper lifting system, So you can easily install by your own.Finally, now all your outdoor activities like Hauling, camping, fishing and hunting just became that much easier!  Check the TopperEZLift Truck Toppers on!

Watch the Truck Bed Pop Up Camper in action:

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