Trac Grabber | Traction Aid | Unstuck Your Car From Snow and Mud

If you want to unstuck your car from snow or mud without the help of tow truck or other heavy tools, then simply tie this Trac Grabber around your tire and get yourself out. This unique device gives you great traction over snow or mud. It’s easy to use for both men and women. All you have to do is, Just place the rubber griper on the both driving wheels and tie them tightly with the belt. This Trac Grabber almost works on any kind of messy ground like mud, snow, ice and dirt.

Trac Grabber

The portable Trac Grabber is easy to store in your vehicle and it’s reusable. So it’s ready to go whenever you need it. Trac Grabber’s unique design allows you to get out of the jam using your vehicle’s own power. The simple Velcro locking system takes only one person to secure, drive and then remove once your truck is unstuck. The Trac Grabber is suitable for SUV, car, ATV or even motorcycle.

 Unstuck Your Car From Snow and Mud

Whether in mud, sand, on snow off-roading and back-country driving can be an awesome adventure. But getting stuck can make for unhappy trails. Just strap on a pack of Trac Grabbers and rescue your self. When you stuck in the snow as soon as the wheels begin to spin, the friction melts the snow and turn the surface against the tire. But surprisingly the Trac Grabber lift, grab and move the vehicle using the vehicle’s own power.

Unstuck Your Car From Snow and Mud

These traction aid made from the same grade of rubber ad the tires on your vehicle. They are durable and reusable for multiple times. The rubber griper on the Trac Grabber  measures 8 inches long and 1 inch deep. They available in two different variants, one for ATVs, cars and vans. Another one for SUVs and massive trucks. Finally the snow, mud and ice can turn your family road trip into a nightmare. So be prepared to unstuck yourself. Check the TracGrabber on!

Watch the Trac Grabber in action down below:

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