Best Swivel Bath Seat For Elderly | Tub Transfer Bench

This bench with swivel bath seat slides across your bathtub. Meet the ‘carousel’, the perfect shower chairs for elderly. It was designed to help individuals with decreased mobility. This tub transfer bench uses swivel seat mechanism to save space. It makes getting into the bathtub easier of elderly. The seat slides both ways on the rail, So it allows you to step out from the tub without getting up. The rail made from the rustproof aluminium and stays firmly secure on the ground. The waterproof soft seats won’t absorb the water.

shower transfer bench

The carousel’s space-saving design allows it to easily integrate with most tubs and showers. The adjustable legs make the seat’s height completely adjustable depends upon the needs of the user. It will work for both right side and left side access. You can easily assemble and setup these tub transfer bench in less then 5 minutes. And it wont require any heavy tools. Once installed, operating the swivel bath seat is simple and intuitive.

Tub Transfer Bench

Each armrests will lock and unlock respectively allowing for easier access getting in and out of the seat. They also prevent users from sliding off to the side. These bath bench comes with an integrated safety belt that prevent users from sliding forward. The rugged stable medical grade aluminum chasis will never get rust, and the commercial grade polyurethane foam padding will never absorb water. Every surfaces of the chair is easy to clean and disinfect.

shower seat

The maximum weight capacity of this sliding shower chair is 300 pounds. Now you can save your valuable earnings by investing in a Tub Transfer Bench instead of remodeling your bathroom or getting a walk-in-tub. The shower chair for elderly is available in two different colors like blue and gray. Finally you can enjoy your bath and shower again without the fear of slipping or falling. Check the Carousel Sliding Bench with Swivel Seat on!

Watch the Swivel Bath Seat in action:

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