Uniburr | Deburring Tool Fixes Damaged Bolts

Now you can repair broken or rusted bolts in seconds with the help of this Uniburr. It’s a deburring tool that attaches to drills and fits size 8 to 3/4″ bolts. This tool repairs damaged bolt threads as quick as possible. This deburring tool bit is extremely safe for the operator, Because it wot produce heat or spark. It simply shearing the metal on the top of the bolt and remove the damaged threads. So the bolt allows you to easily screw the nut.

Uniburr Deburring Tool

The  compact size and a simple design allows you to carry around these tool in your pouch. This drill bit attachment will perfectly fits on any standard hand power drill. The Uniburr can work with any kind of bolt materials like stainless steel, copper, aluminum, grade 8 hardened steel, fiberglass, and even works and plastic. The best speed of the drills to use this deburring tool properly is 50-400 RPMs. This damaged bolt fixing tool was made from the steel with 92 rockwell coating.

remove stripped screw

This tool doesn’t cheddar and not over heat the work piece. Unlike other heavy tools, this deburring tool wont produce spark and heat. It completely sheared off threads on the bolts, so it allows for an easy nut start. It will save your valuable time and money by not replacing expensive spare parts. Finally here is an ultimate solution for tighten-up the old, nasty, rusty screw. Check the Uniburr Deburring Tool Bit on Amazon.com!

Watch the Uniburr Deburring Tool in action down below:

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