7 Most Favorite and Unique Christmas Tree Ornaments

This holiday season, decorate your lovely tree with these 7 most unique Christmas tree ornaments. Unlike other ordinary ornaments and family heirlooms, this ornaments make your Christmas tree stand out and grabs everybody’s attention in your family. I have featured some of those eye-catching and geeky Christmas tree ornaments in this article. So you can give life to your tree by using this uncommon ornaments.

1. Light Up Death Star Tree Topper:

Light Up Death Star Tree Topper

This light up Death Star tree topper will make Christmas glows batter than any other planets. And also it produces the sound of the Imperial March and the Star Wars theme song. You can modify the light show by the remote control. Check the light up death star tree topper on Amazon.com!

2. 8-Bit Pixelated Tree Ornaments:

8 Bit Pixel Art Christmas Ornament

Give the video game theme to your Christmas tree by using the 8-Bit Pixel Art Christmas Ornaments. They are completely hand made and every pack comes with four ornaments. It’s size between 3-4 inches. They are made from the perler Beads and wire ornament hooks. So it’s easy for you to hang them on your tree. Check the 8 bit pixel are ornament on Etsy.com!

3. Golden Snitch Ornaments:

Golden Snitch Ornaments

This magical golden snitch ornaments are completely DIY. Is and Harry Potter fans in your family? Then it’s PERFECT for this year’s Christmas tree. The complete guide helps you to create this ornaments by your own. So it’s a great chance for you to show your crafty personality. Check the golden snitch ornament DIY guide here!

4. Shotgun Shell Christmas Lights:

 Shotgun Shell Christmas Lights

Now you can celebrate the Christmas like a true American! These super cute shotgun shell party lights are perfect for Christmas decoration, man cave decoration, wedding decoration, and party. The most interesting part here is, those lights are made from real authentic 12 gauge shotgun shells. Check the shotgun shell Christmas lights on Etsy.com!

5. In-Tree Christmas Train:

Christmas tree train

Bring some animates holiday spirit to this Christmas by fixing the moving train around your Christmas tree. This cute electric train doesn’t require any tools to assemble. This train runs continuously around your six to seven and half foot tree. Check the Christmas tree train on Amazon.com!

6. Bluetooth Speaker Christmas Ornament:

Bluetooth Speaker Christmas Ornament

This high-quality rechargeable ornament plays beautiful holiday music and Christmas songs. This ornament looks exactly like other ornaments on the tree. It’s perfect for playing music while decorating the tree, Christmas party. Check the Bluetooth speaker Christmas ornament on Amazon.com!

7. Doctor Who Christmas Ornament:

Doctor Who Christmas Ornament

Give the finishing touches on your unique tree with a few Doctor Who Christmas ornaments. This miniature ornaments are are extremely detailed. The neatly designed structure remembers the popular TARDIS and the evil Daleks. Check the doctor who Christmas ornaments on Amazon.com!

Watch the 7 Most Favorite and Unique Christmas Tree Ornaments in action:

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