Ugly Christmas Sweater With Animated Fireplace

These ugly Christmas sweater with animated fireplace is need your smartphone to display the fireplace with realistic sound effects. Just download the free app called ‘Digital Duds’ on the apple or android mobile device. And play the animation which is similar to your sweater’s design. Then slide the mobile device into the pocket on the front of the sweater. The sweater will hold it totally secure your phone even if you are moving all around.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

The great thing about the app is, it actually plays a knitted version of the burning flame. You could double tap it to ignite or extinguish it. You can use your secondary phone to display the flame. Because if you use your primary phone, then it will drain your battery pretty fast. The ugly Christmas sweater with animated fireplace is made from 100% acrylic. And they are completely machine washable.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s available in size range from small to Plus size. And you have a color options with red and green. This animated ugly Christmas sweaters doesn’t fit large mobile phones like iPhone xs max, iPhone 6s plus, 7 plus. If you want to save your battery, then simply double tap on the screen when none around you. Not only animated fireplace, they also provide multiple designs like animated Rudolf nose, stuck Santa, ugly Santa and even more. Check this ugly Christmas sweater on!

Watch Ugly Christmas Sweater With Animated Fireplace in action:

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