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This unique air conditioned clothing must be your perfect choice if you are an outdoor worker. The company called Octocool (Kuchofuku) made this air conditioned jackets and shirts with two built-in fans. That fans will create flow of air running parallel to the body. This airflow dissipates heat and the causes the evaporation of sweat, promoting the ideal cooling level with a minimal amount of energy.

Air Conditioned Clothing With Two Built-In Fans:

 Air Conditioned Clothing

This company makes different types of clothing with an integrated cooling system like jackets, work pants, both long and short-sleeve shirts, and a fishing hat. And also they create an heating system in the same manner. This air-conditioned shirt powered by the rechargeable battery from the inside of the jacket. It can keep the fan run up to 8.5 hours in high settings and almost 56 hours in low settings.


The heated version of this cloths have 4 different variations and can run up to 12 hours with single charge. The shirts and pants are comes in few different colors and sizes to choose from. These air conditioned clothing is made from the polyester material and also sputtered with titanium. So it blocks ultraviolet rays better then ordinary polyester material. You can easily remove the fans to wash the cloths.

Air Conditioned Clothing With Two Built-In Fans

And then reinstall the parts and fans into the pre-made holes. This cooling jacket comes with 1 battery, 2 fans, 1 cord, and 1 charger. This air conditioned jackets and shirts are perfect for outdoor jobs like construction works, and assembly lines. And the heated version is suitable for snowboarding and any other outdoor jobs on winter season. Check the cooling jacket with built-in fans here!

Watch the Air Conditioned Clothing in action down below:

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