Airwirl | Best Personal Air Conditioner in Coffee Mug Shape

The Airwirl is a hand-held size, personal cooling and heating system which looks like a coffee mug. This personal air conditioner can perfectly fits on any standard cup holder in cars, golf carts, or even in strollers to keep your kid cool. All you have to do is, simple fill the the cup with ice and turn it on. Then it will use the ice to blow the cool air. The ultra portable easy to hold tumbler size device perfectly works on extreme temperature conditions in both indoors and outdoors.

small portable air conditioner

You can also use this personal air conditioner for cold winter season to blow hot air. Simply replace the ice with the heat pack inside the device for an worm and hot air. The Airwirl’s motorized lid have a novel turbine fan system with an air post. The air post is designed to self-center within two cups of ice cubes or activated heat warmers to blow cool or warm air. The lid is made from the high-impact acrylic with a soft touch plastic.

portable personal air conditioner

The Airwirl  comes with a flexible air tube for hands free cooling or heating. The air tube can extends from 8 inches to 28 inches. The battery operated system needs three double A batteries to run all day and night. So you can use disposable lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries. Finally, Using the novel thermal convection technology of the Airwirl we can stay comfortable on extremely hot or chilly, on the job, at home or play.  Check the Airwirl Portable Air-Conditioner on!

Watch the Airwirl Personal Air Conditioner in action down below:


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