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The Frankfurter Brett will turn you cutting board into a powerful kitchen work bench. These cutting board with trays will allows you to simply shift the chopped food off the board into the containers. This bamboo cutting board comes with an extensible brackets to hold multiple sized containers. It can be attached directly to the cutting surface, So no more messy kitchen again. This kitchen gadget will take your cooking process to the next level.

kitchen cutting board FRANKFURTER BRETT

It also have an additional attachment that can hold your tablet or smart phone to easily read the instructions of the recipes as you prepare your meal. The unique bracket system and containers allows you to easily organize your ingredients. The extendable brackets of the Phoenix-S can be slide in and out of the wood. So you can simply slide the bracket into the wood when the containers are not in use.

FRANKFURTER BRETT The kitchen workbench

The Frankfurter Brett cutting board have brackets on both top and bottom sides. So you can use the top side to hold the uncut vegetables and use the bottom side to place the chopped vegetables. These cutting board with trays are available in three different sizes. Each of them was designed to fulfill different requirements. The base of this cutting board attached with an anti-slip silicon rings. It wont allow to move the chopping board without lifting them.

cutting board with trays

Everyone can easily access and use this cutting board. All you have to do is, simply place the cutting board on the corner of your kitchen table. And hand the containers off the edge. Then chop your vegetables on the wooden board and stone them in the container. You can use three containers at the same time for different purposes. Use one container to keep scraps, one for chopped food and use the third one to hold your tools like knives or spoons. Check the Frankfurter Brett cutting board here!

Watch the Cutting Board With Trays in action:

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