The bacon express: Cooking bacon on the grill is easy no matter where you are

Hey bacon lovers. 

Moreover, to keep the portable bacon bbq grill, there is a sliding drip tray that catches all the grees and crumbs of the bacon. So anyone can dispose of the waste easily. Also, it features a removable non-stick cooking plate and insulated door liners for mess-free cooking.

Cooking bacon on the grill while traveling is easy now!


Furthermore, the bacon express weighs 5.5 lbs and measures only 11×8.5×4.5 inches. As a result, it is very convenient and portable for traveling and camping. So you can cook your bacon on the grill whenever the day demands and no matter where you are.


To make your cooking process even easier, the Nostalgia’s Bacon Express comes with a cooking dial with a timer and cooling touch handles that prevents your fingers from heat.


Simply, grill 6 strips of bacon at the same time for a minute on your camping trip, tailgating, music events, and any outdoor parties with the bacon express. Are Toys interested in cooking bacon on the grill? Get it on!

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