This Seriously Compact Manual Washer and Dryer Keeps Your Clothes Refreshed Anywhere | Easy Wash 2.0

Public laundry is not an ideal place to wash your clothes if you have very few of them. Then what about handwashing? It is surely a natural way, but it consumes more time and energy. Moreover, it’s not the smartest way to wash Eco- friendly. The Easy Wash 2.0 is an advanced and technically improved version of their previous model.

However, it is an extremely compact and powerful manual washer and dryer combo that allows you to wash your clothes anywhere at any time. It’s horizontally placed drum cleans and dries the cloths within 5 minutes. Unlike public laundries and typical washing machines which take more time and money, Easy Wash 2.0 is completely portable, travel friendly, and consumes less water.

Manual washer and dryer for small spaces

In addition, this hand-powered washing machine will be the perfect solution to keep the clothes refreshed in an on-the-go lifestyle. Moreover, it’s portable design requires a small space to store. So you can use this man-powered washer in RVs, tiny houses, campers, small apartments, country houses, camping, and even picnic spots.

This device comes with washing and spinning modes. Once you finish washing, simply switch the rotating handle to the spinning mode to dry your clothes. During, the drum rotates 5x faster in spinning mode when compared to washing mode. It works with almost any kind of fabric including wool, linens, cotton, silk, baby clothes, shirts, synthetic, and other daily wears.

Further, it is made out of durable and long-lasting material. And measures 40 cm in length, 40 cm in width, and 45 cm in height. After all, it’s suction cups on the bottom keep the machine in place while washing. Currently, the project is on the Kickstarter campaign and you can get the Easy Wash 2.0 for the pledge of $99 on!

Watch the Easy Wash 2.0 in action

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Doreen June 13, 2020 - 2:08 am
I am very interested in this item.....just want the price....& where to order. Way too much other info. NOTHING MORE.
Raj June 15, 2020 - 12:49 pm
Hi, it starts at $99 on! You can follow the link at the end of this post.
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