Ford Lane Keeping Bed Keeps Your Partner To Their Side

This conveyor belt bed stops your sleeping partner from hogging the hole thing. It’s called the ‘Lane Keeping Bed’ by Ford. It has a pressure sensor monitor when your partner is out of their lane. So the prototype keeps both partners on their side of the bed. When the sensors detect detect your partner has invades your space, a built-in conveyor belt gently realigns them into place.

Ford Lane Keeping Bed:

It is a part of a series of inventions that ford made to apply automotive technology to everyday problems. This smart bed ultimately helps you to protect your valuable sleeping space by prevent your partner from hogging. This unique bed uses the Ford’s unique lane-keeping technology to provide balanced sleeping space. And this bed just demonstrate how the Ford’s lane assist feature works.

Surely this bed will save marriages and increase the relationship between the couples. But the sad thing about the bed is, similar to the noise-canceling dog kennel it’s just a prototype. They are not going onto production for this bed. Ford creates the bed for promoting their unique lane-keeping technology for cars. Check the smart ford bed here!

Watch the Ford Lane Keeping Bed in action down below:

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