Invisible Spray | Street Art Only Appears When It’s Wet

This invisible spray only appears when its wet. These magical drawings are called ‘Rainworks’. And they turn rainy days into something you can enjoy. Rainworks are made with stencils and a special hydrophobic sidewalk spray. Xack fischer and Peregrine church invented this invisible spray. The creators use it to transform seattle’s rainy landscape into a masterpiece of uplifting art. You can break out those drawings you have been saving for a rainy day.


In case you don’t know whether a specific surface will work, simply pour some water on it to check whether it darkens the surface. The higher the difference between wet and dry, the better the rainwork will look. Rainworks Invisible Spray works on any permeable surface, similar to walkway concrete, unlocked wood, stone, cardboard, texture, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Ready to make positive messages and craftsmanship that lone show up when it rains.



Rainworks don’t harm the surface they are on, and they can be effectively evacuated utilizing any earth-friendly cleaning item and a tad of scrubbing. Once the formula is sprayed on the surface, the dissolvable vanishes, leaving just the biodegradable fixings bolted inside the surface, keeping it superhydrophobic, making the rainwork. The included 2oz container of Invisible Spray covers 10-15 square feet with the prescribed 2 layers of coverage.


They are most striking for the initial couple of weeks, and they step by step develop more unpretentious after some time. Rainworks by and large last 2-4 months. In some case they can last as long as a year under the right conditions. Each Invisible Spray Starter Kit ships with pre-printed stencil material that can be utilized to make your first rainwork stencil. You can create more elaborate stencils as your wish and creativity.


This spray is a dissolvable based formula. On account of the dissolvable, it isn’t safe to drink the fluid or breathe in the vapor. On the off chance that the spray gets staring you in the face, simply wash it off. There is no adjustment in the surface of the surface at all. Rainworks, wet or dry, don’t make the ground more slippery. Check it out!

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