Cake’s kalk ap: Solar-Powered Motorbike to Protect Wildlife in the African bush

The Kalk AP is a solar-powered motorbike specifically designed to help anti-poaching rangers work to protect wildlife in the extreme conditions of the African bush. However, it is the latest model from the Swedish company ‘Cake’. They are known for their sleek, modern, and powerful racing electric motorcycles.

Moreover, the Kalk AP comes with a solar kit such as a solar panel and power station from Goal Zero. That is to say, the anti-poaching rangers will be independent of the fuel or electric power grid on their mission to protect wildlife in the African bush. In addition, using motorbikes on an anti-poaching mission has proven highly successful.

Unfortunately, those bush bikes run on gasoline and their loud combustion engines alert poachers from miles away. Utilizing the Kalk AP off-road electric motorcycle will increase the chance of success. And the rangers can approach the poachers without making any noise. On the other hand, the Kalk AP features 50A / 2.6kWh battery and an 11kW motor.


That offers 3+ hours of riding time and propels the bike to top speeds up to 56mph / 90kph. Apart from that, it has the same gearing mechanism as their previous model electric bikes. Also, this bike features 18 x 1.85-inch rims and 3.5 inches of off-road tires on both wheels.


Its powerful 2100 lumen headlight is completely removable. Further, all the plastic components of this bike are made of recycled, fiber-reinforced Trifilon, and a biodegradable polymer. Meanwhile, this solar-powered motorbike is as light as 176lbs / 80kgs.


Finally, you can pre-order the Kalk Ap on a ‘buy-one-give-one’ campaign for $25,000. That means, the company will donate the same variant bike that you bought to the Southern African Wildlife College’s anti-poaching team.

Source: Cake

Watch this Solar-Powered Motorbike in action

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