Outdoor Bicycle Storage Box that is Weatherproof & Secure | Alpen Bike Capsule

Using wall-mounted cycle racks or hang a bike from the ceiling is the commonly used bicycle storage solution among cyclists. But they didn’t work all the time when you are looking for bicycle storage ideas for apartments or small spaces. The Alpen Bike Capsule comes in the first place when comes to a secure and weatherproof outdoor bicycle shelter.

It is a circular-shaped bike storage box that is designed to protect your lovable bicycle from weather and opportunistic theft. However, it is ideal for the outdoors and easy to install on any hard floor such as decks, patios, lawns, and a building common area. Furthermore, Eric Pearson founded the Alpen, which is situated in Charlottesville, Virginia. As a cycling enthusiast, he always looking for a perfect solution to keep his bikes safe and dry.

After the theft of his six bicycles, he invented the Alpen bike capsule. Above all, this outdoor bicycle storage box uses LLDPE plastic which is common in making kayaks. Simply install this on the hard surface with the help of four virtually inaccessible boults. As a result, the box is virtually indestructible and difficult to steal.

Further, the bike capsule weights 99.8 kg and measures 79″ long, 53″ tall, and 32″ wide. It can fit bikes with a maximum length of 75 inches and a seat height of 46 inches. Also, they claimed that the Alpen can fit almost any kind of bike models such as mountain bikes, road bikes, fat-tire bikes, hybrid, tri, cyclocross, and more. In addition, there is a lot of space inside the capsule to store equipment, gadgets, and cycling gear.

Also, there is a separate hole for the cable to charge electric bikes. However, the owner can unlock the integrated locking mechanism with the help of a physical key. Like the trunk of a car, the capsule can automatically lock itself when the door rotates closed. Get the Alpen bike capsule for $1,799 USD on their website.

Source: ALPEN Bike Capsule

Watch the Outdoor Bicycle Storage Box in action

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