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In this environmentally conscious world, everyone is looking for green products when it comes to outdoor adventure or camping. But nothing seems new or innovative when it comes to charging your electronics. We have to carry a battery backup or rely on solar panels to powering up our electronics. What if we can use the excess heat produced by the camping gas stove to generate power.

The Korean startup company ‘Viva Plus’ come up with a really cool solution for those looking to use those extra thermal to charge their devices. It’s called the Genstove, and it lets you charge your smartphone or other camping gears using the heat from cooking with propane or butane stove or through energy harvesting technology.

The concept of Genstove is simple. It helps us to use the electricity which produces naturally while cooking food. However, it uses heat-harvesting technology to use the waste heat from your cooking to produce energy. So there is no interruption or decrease of performance in your cooking. Moreover, the cooking device will come in three different parts such as a stove, water basket, butane or propane gas container, and a multi-charging pack.

Unlike other thermoelectric camping stoves that use wood or biomass fuel, Genstove uses LPG which has low wildfire danger when compared to the wooden stoves. Further, it is ideal to charge your small electronics like smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, night lights, and even a GoPro. The multi-charging pack stores the energy from the stove.

Inside there is a 3,200mA lithium-ion battery that delivers the energy via a 5V*1A USB port. Currently, Genstove the portable camping gas stove raising funds on Kickstarter with the goal of US$5,081. Are you interested in this invention? Then an early bird pledge of US$199 will get you the pack of Genstove, multi charging pack, mini lightbox, fire starter, and a Genstove pouch.

Source: Kickstarter

Watch the Portable Camping Gas Stove in action!

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