Making a Real Invisibility Shield Available for Everyone

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you may have heard of an invisibility cloak. Now, That science-fiction device turns into a reality and is available for everyone. However, the London, UK-based firm called ‘Invisibility Shield Co’ has come up with real and fully functional invisibility shields.

They don’t want to stop there; they want to bring that invention to the use of the common people. As a result, they have started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the project. The magic behind the invisibility shield is the array of vertically placed convex lenses.

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The reflected light from the vertically standing or crouching subject is redirected by the lenses and never reaches the viewer. Moreover, the invisible shields are made by extruding and then embossing a polymer.

invisibility shield co.

Because of the vertically placed lenses, this updated invisibility shield works well against the backgrounds with horizontal and uniform objects. That includes rendered walls, grasses, foliage, painted lines, sand, sky, and even on a beach. Those shields are available in two different sizes.

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invisibility shield co.

The full-sized one measures 950 x 650mm and the small one measures 310 x 210mm. Likewise, anyone can assemble the invisibility shield within minutes. According to their campaign, The shield itself and its supports are made from flexible and non-rigid material.

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invisibility shield co.

In other words, it was not designed to be an anti-riot shield, but rather to protect you from visibility. As I mentioned earlier, this invisibility shields raising funds on Kickstarter.

If you want to surprise your friends, then get the full-size shield for the pledge of US$ 395. Or get the smaller version for US$ 65. You can even pledge for two or more full-size invisibility shields to make your large DIY invisibility shield that hides massive objects. As of their campaign, the estimated delivery date is Dec 2022

Source: Kickstarter

Watch the Invisibility Shield in action

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