Use Your Smartphone As a Dive Computer With DIVEROID

Now you can replace all the expensive diving gears with your smartphone. DIVEROID is an ultimate diving solution system that can transform your smartphone in to a dive computer, high-quality underwater camera and a logbook. It’s compatible with almost any kind of standard smartphone. And it’s inner housing provides universal fit. So you can simply adjust and fit your smartphone perfectly regardless of the size. The DIVEROID also have a physical buttons to increase the accessibility of your phone while your dive.

Turn Your Smart Phone Into a Diving Computer Monitor

On the left side of the DIVEROID scuba smartphone rig you can get the each and every information that free-divers need such as dive time, depth, water temperature and surface time reach. They have created a smartphone app that allows you to control all the features by only using the three physical buttons. And you can also share the captured high quality photos and videos through the DIVEROID App. Surprisingly, the app have some awesome features such as real-time color correction, zoom, take selfies and even take 4k videos if your phone supports.

They have designed the device with tons of safety features. The DIVEROID alerts you when oxygen toxicity, critical depth and deco. It also tracks your activity and ask you to slow-down, safety stop or even fast-up. When the device detects the danger the screen will blink bright red to notify you. DIVEROID devices made from the Gorilla Glass, Glass fiber and Polycarbonate materials. So it’s completely strong, durable and scratch resistance,

It’s heat sink system prevents fogging inside the housing which helps you to take crystal clear photograph. Finally, this device also have some cool features that must need for a scuba divers such as depth alarm and stopwatch. And even you can call a boat to pick up you. Check the DIVEROID on!

Watch the Smartphone Dive Computer in action

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