Scoop Stretcher That Turns Into a Wheelchair | Multi Scoop Pro

This uniquely designed multi-functional scoop stretcher can transform into a lightweight wheel chair in seconds. Meet the ‘Multi Scoop Pro’. This ambulance stretcher was designed and developed by the Netherlands based company ‘Studio Rotor’ for the startup ‘Retter Helfer Medical’. Unlike the heavy electric stretchers which may weights more then 60 kg, the Multi Scoop Pro weighs in at around 10 kg. And it doesn’t require a massive space to store. So the paramedics can take more equipment on the ambulance.

Scoop Stretcher That Turns Into a Wheelchair

Scoop stretcher can transform to a lightweight wheelchair in seconds

It’s creative folding mechanism allows you to easily switch between wheelchair and scoop. When folded flat, it looks and shapes like an ordinary scoop stretcher. Almost each and every ambulance in the world have the stretcher. They are used to lift the unconscious patients from the ground. But in most cases they are not the perfect one for the patient with light injuries. The wheelchair is fair enough to transfer the light injured patient to the ambulance.

Scoop Stretcher That Turns Into a Wheelchair

The Multi Scoop Pro can be used in three different ways such as cart, scoop stretcher and a lightweight wheel chair. Paramedics can use this device as a cart to wheel their equipment to the emergency site. And they can switch the device to the wheelchair mode to take less injured patients. If the patient has heavier injuries, then they have to use the device as the scoop stretcher. Finally, this multi-functional stretcher will helpful for paramedics to transfer the light injured patient without using the heavy electric stretchers. Check more details about the Multi Scoop Pro on and!

Watch the Multi-Functional Scoop Stretcher in action down below

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