Tidy Trax | Hands Free Shoe Covers

These are step-in hands-free shoe covers. Tidy Trax is designed to keep your inside shoes clean. Or to cover your dirty shoes inside the home. The covers are also reusable and washable. Now using this step-in covers you can keep your shoes clean. You can easily wear them without bending. All you have to do is just step-in and go.

The tub-like design is one of the design features that helps Tidy Trax holds debris inside. It virtually eliminates dirt from getting on the floor or rug. The tub walls also work to keep debris out. Protecting your shoes and keeping them clean. It made from the durable lightweight EVA foam material. Tidy Trax won’t scratch or harm your floors. It’s the new innovative hands-free shoe cover that allows you to enter a home with your shoes on and without leaving a mess.

Tidy Trax is easy to put on. Just step in and go and they come off in the same hands-free manner. It helps you to keep your floors clean When you wear your muddy shoes. And it also great al protecting your shoes from getting dirty while outdoors. This hands-free shoe cover is easy to clean. Just bang them together to remove dried mud and debris. Or blast them with a garden hose. Tidy Trax is fast and easy and can be used multiple times.

Tidy Trax has its own unique sizing system using shoe length, not shoe size. Available sizes are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M. That will approximately fit a size 6 to 14 men’s shoes. If you want to know your Tidy Trax’s size, Just use a ruler or tape measure to find your shoe length. Then compare your measurement in the online sizing chart. You don’t have to stop, drop what you carrying, bend over, or use your hands when using Tidy Trax. Just step-in and go. Check it out!

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