Best Reusable Food Storage Containers | Zip Top Containers

This reusable and flexible Tupperware doesn’t need a lid. These food storage containers are called ‘Zip Top Containers’. It’s made from the 100% platinum silicone. So it’s completely reusable, heatable, dish-washable container. This environmental friendly design will replaces over 5,000 plastic bags. You can use the zip top containers on freezers, microwaves and even on the ovens. Because, they can handle the temperature up to 220 degree Celsius.

Reusable Food Storage Containers | Zip Top Containers:

Unlike other single use plastic bags, the platinum silicone container doesn’t lead to any harmful chemicals. The zip tops are great for taking meals of snacks for traveling or your next camping trip. It comes in eight different sizes. So they can fit with any environment like your car’s cup holders. Not only for your foods, you can also use this to hold other valuable things in your everyday life like tablets or medicines.

This containers doesn’t have lids. So it’s very easy to wash and store, and no-more worrying to find the matching lid for the particular container. It will save massive amount of space on your cabinet by nesting into one another. The different sized containers allows you to store different kind of foods like oatmeal, snacks, fruit, sandwiches, and salads. And the spill proof and the mess-proof design can hold liquid foods like sauce and soups.

These world’s first platinum silicon food storage containers are the perfect replacement for single use plastic bags which is harmful to our environment. It’s virtually indestructible structure can withstand heat, cold, kids, cars, and almost anything. The small size version can holds up to 16 oz, the medium can holds 24 oz, and the large size containers can holds 32 oz. Finally, here is the hassle-free and plastic-free solution for your everyday kitchen life. Check the Platinum silicone storage containers on!

Watch the Zip Top Containers in action down below:

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