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This unique anti choking device designed to help remove toys, food, or any kind of objects a kid may choke on. It’s called the ‘lifewand’ and specially made for choking first aid at home. It doesn’t require any training and no need to apply any force. So anyone can easily use this choking suction device to save someone’s life. This device particularly made for kids up to age 12. lifewand’s unique engineered design will generate a swift vacuum to pulls out any object in a choking kid’s throat and mouth.

Extreme Anti Choking Device | lifewand:

Choking First Aid at Home

The ‘Lifewand’ will be the must needed device for kindergarten, any kitchen, and anywhere else where kids are at risk. It can be used by anyone quickly and easily. Because the chocked person needs an EMS within 7 minutes. All you have to do is, simply press lifewand against your kid’s mouth. Then the device will create a powerful vacuum and pulls out any objects from the kid’s throat. This anti choking tool comes with a quick release stand which you can hang on your kitchen wall. So no-more panic and confusion to fin the device while someone chocking.


The lifewand generates the same amount of vacuum as a manual pump used by paramedics. It is available in three different size for different age group people. Smaller one is for kids up to age 6, medium sized mask for kids up to age 13 and the larger one for people aged 14 and above. The minimum age to use this device is 1 year old and above. Being a parent is not easy, kids are uncontrollable and we can’t predict what they going to do while playing and running around the house. Finally, the lifewand will save many lives before EMS arrives. Check the Lifewand on Indiegogo.com!

Watch the Choking First Aid device in action down below:

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