Zip Stitch | Easy Wound Closure Strips | No-More Stitches and Laceration Kit

This wound closure strips takes bandages to the next level. It’s known as the ‘Zip Stitch’ surgical-quality wound closure device. This advanced wound care tool allows you to securely close and heal deep cuts by yourself without the need for stitches and laceration kit. All you have to do is, simply apply the sticky bandage around the wound and use the zip to close. The inventors of this wound care device say, It’s a surgical quality skin closure.

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ZipStitch is secured on the two sides of the wound with a couple of 1.5 inch strips. Those strips comes with the unique hydro-colloid pressure sensitive adhesive. It also designed to last for up to seven days when it placed on dry and clean skin. The four zip ties are made from the medical grade polymer material. They merge the two adhesives with micro adjustable wound closing ability. So these ties allow you to safely close injuries without stitches and needles.

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Those zip ties are extremely easy to handle and operate. A group of zip ties on the wound closure strips enables you to change the pulling power over the length of the wound. So it provides the appropriate amount of closure at all places of the wound. The micro adjustable zip ties gives you a complete control of the wound closure. It shields your injury from forces that leads to increased scarring. It’s even force distribution also decreases the compression on both sides of your wound.

zip stitch wound closure

So that helps to maintain smooth blood flow for quick healing. Zip stitch also acts as a protecting cage around your wound. It also secure the wound from movements that will pull on the wound and slowdown the healing process. The zip mechanism is 8 times stronger than traditional stitches. This wound closure strip is a perfect new addition for your first-aid kit. Finally, the Zip Stitch is a non-painful solution you can apply anywhere when you unable get to an ER for stitches. Check the Zip Stitch on!

Watch the Zip Stitch Wound Closure Strips in action:

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