Smart Broom With a Vacuum | Vabroom Vacuum Broom

This smart broom has a built-in vacuum. The ‘Vabroom’ vacuum broom eliminates the need for a dustpan. It’s nozzle is pressure- activated. So you can simply swipe every thing into a pile. All you have to do is, simply tilt the Vabroom in it’s side to suck all the contents up. Then empty the contents into the trash with the push of a button. This battery operated broom can holds up to one cup of debris at a time.

Vabroom Vacuum Broom:

Smart Broom With a Vacuum

No more dustpan lines or sweeping under the rug. This vacuum broom powered by a 14,000 rpm motor to suck up any kind of debris. It’s easy to handle for those hard to reach areas. The innovative design of the nozzle provides maximum suction. So it leaves nothing behind. Unlike other vacuum sticks or smart brooms, the Vabroom dosent have messy cords. And you can easily store the vacuum broom while not in use.

Vabroom Combines a Vacuum With a Broom

The Vabroom gets power from 4-AA batteries. So that allows you to use this vacuum 500 times with a single charge. This unique broom looks and works like an ordinary broom with a minimum difference of a vacuum inside of it. The light weight and the ergonomically design is ultimately usable for different kind of surfaces like home, cabins, RVs, shops, trailers, garages, and kitchen. Finally, cleaning your floors has been easier than ever before. Check the Vabroom on!

Watch the Vabroom Vacuum Broom | Smart Broom With a Vacuum in action:

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