This Auto Rotating Shoe Rack Maximize Your Closet Space

Organize the unused space of your little closet with this motorized auto rotating shoe rack. The Florida based company called ‘Maurice’s Furnishings’ designed this innovative and custom automatic shoe storage rack. So you can easily find your favorite pair of shoes from your valuable collection without messing the whole room. Every family may have a person who always addicted to shoes and owns too many of them. Finally, this closet will help them to organize their stuffs and access the shoes easily.

Auto Rotating Shoe Rack

ncredible Custom Auto-Rotating Shoe Racks For Your Closet

Not only electric shoe rack, the company also creates customized home furniture such as kitchen cabinetry, vanities, kitchen islands, tables, and custom built-in closets. Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about the shoe rack on their website. But there is a video on their YouTube channel which may helps us to understand how it works. One of their clients wanted this stunning custom electric shoe racks that will organize the shoes in an unique and uncommon way.

Auto Rotating Shoe Rack

As of their video, we can clearly see that the shoe rack automatically rotates both forward and backward with the push of a button. And there is a two separate rotations cabinets with manual switch control. There is plenty of different shelves on the rack to arrange your shoes. So there is plenty of room for your each and every shoes. And no-more have them all stuffed into a garbage bag and lose them. You can contact the Maurice’s Furnishings on there website for more detains!

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