Segway Electric Dirt Bike | Powerful Electric Off-Road Dirt eBike

This electric dirt bike is one of the micro-mobility product from Segway. To add some smartness and power to your outdoor adventure, they have designed this off-road e-bike with the combination of dirt bike and a mountain bike. This extreme lightweight vehicle surprisingly have a 45-degree uphill capacity. And it will reach 0 to 31 mph in just 4.02 seconds. Unlike other electric bikes, you don’t have to waste your time on regular & time-consuming charging methods. Because of it’s swappable batteries, you can exchange the drained battery with the fully charged one.

Segway Electric Dirt Bike

Segway Electric Dirt Bike

This Eco-friendly dirt e-bike can go up to 74.6 miles with a single charge. There are two different model Segway electric dirt bikes are available such as X160 and X260. They have made from the aluminum alloy frame which makes them different from other traditional dirt bikes. Due to that material the segway dirt bikes are extremely light in weight. They weights only 121.3 lbs. This e-bike is made for all off-road terrains includes rugged mountain trails, forest creek, fire trails, steep rock and steep hill.

Powerful Electric Off-Road Dirt eBike

This ebike has an IP67 grade waterproof protection for both controller and battery. So you can confidently drive through the muddy trails. It’s high transmission efficient drive system provides a top speed of 46.6 mph. The multi-link hydraulic suspension system of this e-bike makes off-roading powerful without compromising your comfort. By pairing the dirt bike with Segway-Ninebot App, you can track and record your off-road activity in a smart way. Finally, this smart electric dirt bike will never begs you to fill gas or replace engine oil.  Check the fully electric dirt bike on!

Watch the electric dirt bike in action down below

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