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This automatic toilet cleaning robot will clean your toilet while you relaxing. Giddel will scrub all the hard to reach places of your toilet. It’s able to clean without dirtying itself, So there is no need for cleaning the robot. It comes with the water resistant capabilities and can withstand any acidic cleaner. And has collision avoidance for if you have kids or pets. Giddel’s telescopic arm fits any toilet bowl size. This portable toilet cleaning robot was created by the company called Alton Robotech.

automatic toilet cleaner machine

It safely and systematically cleans the heard to reach places in your toilet bowl. This robot uses motion to scrape the entire surfaces. The inner rim around the entire bowl and under the rim was entirely cleaned by the robot. It uses the circular and wavy patterns to effectively clean every inch, and also all the way down to the exit drain for a sparkling clean toilet. You can easily mount this robot under the toilet seat.

altan robotech usa giddel toilet cleaning robot

It’s powerful and sensitive robotic arm provides disinfecting and deodorizing and also gives a bright shine to your toilet bowl. With the push of a button Giddel systematically calibrates and scrubs the entire bowl including heard-to-reach areas to eliminate odor and contamination. This automatic toilet cleaning robot machine comes with built-in obstacle detection and navigation technology, So it’s a child and pet friendly robot.

portable toilet cleaning machines

A removable nylon bristle brush provides a high degree of cleanliness. Giddel toilet cleaning robot is light weight and portable. And also comes with three mounting plates to effortlessly mount the robot, so it can clean up to three different toilets. Giddel robot also has it’s own charging station for easy storage and accessibility.  Finally here is a solution for the disgusting toilet cleaning get more time to spend with your family. Check the Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot on!

Watch the Automatic Toilet Cleaning Robot in action:

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