Best Car Night Vision Camera For All Type of Cars & Truck

This car night vision camera helps you to drive safely by providing a clear vision of the road on night time. This multi functional night vision system was created by the company called ‘Lanmodo’. It’s innovative design perfectly fits on almost any kind of cars, SUVs and even trucks. It comes with a 8.2” IPS screen which provides 1080P and Full-color Image. So you can clearly see the road condition and react quickly.

Car Night Vision Camera:

LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera

The 36° wide-angle vision helps you to cover the both sides of the road. And it’s unique mechanism extents your night vision distance up to 300M. So you can get most cleared vision and cover more area then the naked-eyes do. Not only for night time, the Lanmodo night vision system can helps you to avoid the blurred vision on rainy days. And also helps you to see through the fog. So you can drive smoothly without worrying about the bad weather condition.

Car Night Vision Camera For All Type of Cars

The installation process is very easy. All you have to do is simply attach the night vision system onto your dashboard or windshield. Then connect system to OBD adapter or cigarette lighter with its cable. Not only for cars, you can also use it as a portable night vision camera for camping, hunting, fishing and boating. And it gets the power from an additional 12V battery while in portable mode. Check the LANMODO Night Vision System on! 

Watch the Car Night Vision Camera in action down below:

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