StairSteady | Beast Stair Climber for Elderly

This handle shaped stair climber helps people get up the stairs. This stair aid is called ‘StairSteady’. The handle moves both front and back when the pressure is applied. But it locks when it is weight-loaded. This system can holds up to 350 lbs of weight. So that you can use your stairs easily and safely. This unique sliding support handle system allows perfect for the seniors who wants to keep their independence.

Stair Climber for Elderly:


All you have to do is, simply replace your ordinary hand rail with the StairSteady on your stairs. Then use the movable rod to climb up on the stairs without loosing your balance. The movable rod will locks automatically while you add force on it. And it will fold into a vertical position when you reach the top on bottom of the stairs. So it won’t block your way while not in use.  More then one person can use this devise at the same time by placing an extra handle on the rail.

Stair Climber for Elderly

Not only for stairs, you can also use the stairsteady to walk around your house. I can be installed on almost any kind of stairs. And you need some professionals to install them and make sure that everything is secure to support seniors. The installation process may take around 2 hours. It have a capability to hold up to 350 lbs of weight. Finally, the StairSteady will provide freedom and joyful independent life to elderly people in our family. Check the Stair Climber for Elderly here!

Watch the StairSteady | Beast Stair Climber for Elderly in action:

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