Easy Concrete Stamp Roller | Stamped Concrete Tools

This concrete stamp roller quickly stamps concrete with textures like slate, cobblestone and brick. This unique stamped concrete tool is 5 times faster than traditional stamping equipment. Are you looking for an easier method of decorative concrete and get this job done faster, with less effort. Then this ‘Rock N Roller’ by Marshalltown is perfect for you. This tool allows you to easily roll borders and add curves on the concrete.

concrete texture roller

With this tool you can quickly imprints texture on massive slabs. It requires less labors then the traditional concrete stamping method. The Rock N Roller is easy to use and operate. All you have to do is, simply place and finish concrete like you normally would for any stamp job. Once the bleed water has evaporated from the slab apply liquid or powder reliefs to the slab and the roller. Then gently roll the tool on the concrete.

concrete stamp roller

This concrete stamp roller is perfect for long pores, where the traditional stamps take hours. If the customers want borders in the slab then use the mini border rollers for the perfect curve. These texture rollers are available in 9 inch and 23 inch length. This stamping tool also allows you to add weights on it for larger jobs or when pouring it hot and sunny conditions. Finally, this stamped concrete tool takes a time-consuming, labor-intensive job and makes it quick and easy. Check the Rock N Roller on Amazon.com!

Watch the Concrete Stamp Roller in action down below:

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