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Are you planning for a long car ride with your family? Then this child car seat head support will helpful for your kids. This seat attachment allows your kids nap on the go. It’s called the ‘Napup’. A head support for car seats. You can adjust it to fit the child’s head. So they stay comfy when they nod off. Most parents doesn’t aware about keeping their child’s head stabilized in car seats. They must know the bobbing heads and sore necks will leads to a neck pain.

car seat head support

This head support keeps their head secure while napping or harsh braking. So that will avoid bobbing heads and sore necks. It can be flipped up or down as needed. Everyone can easily install this onto any car seat or booster seat. They are made from the high quality materials and allows airflow so the kids won’t sweat. This head support doesn’t restraining or fixing your child’s head into the seat.  They provide free movement for the head while the kids sleeping.

NapUp A Comfortable Safe Sleep Solution

You can adjust the soft forehead strap depends on the head size. So it will usable even your kids grows. The NapUp allows parents to provide complete focus on driving. So no more look back while driving and lift the child’s head. This child car seat head support was invented by Ben Cohen Gazit and he also a father of three kids. This seat attachment is a perfect solution for holding and supporting the child’s head while not compromising in safety.

infant car seat head support

There are millions of parents are searching for a practical solution to prevent their child’s head on the go. The NapUp is designed protect your kids head even on the road accident situation. This attachment will tightly fixed into the seats with the help of  the multiple straps. So it won’t comes off easily. The forehead support was attached with a velcro. It can be flipped up while your kids not sleeping. Check this on

Watch the Child Car Seat Head Support in action down below:

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