CZUR Shine Ultra | Portable Scanner That Scans A Book In 10 Minutes

Reading a whole book in 10 minutes is impassible while you prepare yourself for a presentation. And it will get even worse if there is only one copy of the book in library. Meet the ‘CZUR Shine Ultra’, It’s a portable & powerful scanner that allows you to scan any material on the go. So you can able to read them later without having the book. It’s curve-flatten technology and auto page-turning detecting system easily scans the book with an incredible speed of 1 second per page. So you can completely scan an entire 300 page book in just 10 minutes.

CZUR Shine Ultra is a Portable Scanner

CZUR Shine Ultra is a Portable Scanner

Although CZUR Shine Ultra scanner is extremely portable and it weights only 1 kg. Unlike other portable scanner, It’s compact size and design allows you to carry the device wherever the work takes you. Such as office, library, home, coffee shop and even on a airport lounge. The whole package of the scanner comes with a black work mat, USB cable, instruction manual, foot pedal and a CD. The foot pedal for hands-free operation, So your hands only used for turning the pages.

Shine Ultra - Next Gen Portable & Powerful Scanner

With the ‘Optical Character Recognition’ technology, it can convert the scanned pages into editable files. And the device will support more then 180 languages. So the ‘CZUR Shine Ultra’ will takes scanning to the whole new level. Above all, it’s unique ‘curve-flatten technology’ allows you to scan anything and that will gives you absolutely flat scan with exact colors. This scanner also work along with other features such as correct position, multi-target scanning, remove fingerprint, smart paging and purify background to generate an ultimate copy of the page.

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It provides superior quality scan every time with it’s 13 full-sized megapixel at 340 DPI scanning system. Not only books and papers, it also works perfectly with stamps, bar codes, ID, passport, QR codes, receipts, even your kids’ first masterpiece art. If you believe picture is not enough to expose your creative side at office presentation, then simply use the video-recording functionality of this device to record a video while scanning. Check the handled Scanner on!

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