Extreme Floating Tent Camping On Water | Shoal Tent


Camping on water is now possible with this Floating Tent by Smithfly. This raft tent is called ‘Shoal Tent’. It allows you to sleep on water in middle of the lake. The inflatable tent stands up to 8 feet tall. So it doesn’t require any tent pole on rope to setup the tent. This floating tent boat is perfect for campers who love lakeside living. It’s heavy duty and waterproof material allow the tent withstand on any high wind conditions. The 6 inch thick floor provide smooth and safe ride on water.

Extreme Floating Tent Camping On Water:


This inflatable floating raft with a tent on the top allows you to camp on your favorite river, farm pond, saltwater flat or even on a spring creek. So you can enjoy the night sky and stars while floating on the water. The unique design of the raft tent can float smoothly on any kind of weather condition ans can easily withstand wavy and windy lake surface. Unlike other tents, Shoal Tent doesn’t have any pols or extremely complicated instruction manuals to setup the tent. All you have to do is, simply inflate the 3 different chambers of the tent with your air-pump.


Once you done the inflating process, the tent measures 8 ‘x 8 ‘ footprint. And have 6’-3″ feet standing room in the middle of the tent. It also provides comfortable sleeping space on the 6 inch high pressure floor. It has the giant opening for easy access and has roll-up windows on the both sides of the camping tent. The heavy duty #8 zippers are complete waterproof, sealed and helps you to protect yourself from bugs. You can simply roll the tent when it’s not in use.


It measures only 60″ x 24″ x 18″ in rolled position. So you can easily carry around the floating tent wherever you go. The whole package comes with the carrying bag,  foot powered air-pump, and a patch kit.  And it weights only 130 lbs which means you can laughter the tent on the water without other’s help. Check the Shoal Tent on Smithfly.com!

Watch the Floating Tent in action down below:

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