Garden Igloo | Garden Dome Igloo Tent For Your Backyard

Now relaxing on your garden with evening snacks is even more fun with this ‘Garden Igloo’ tent. This Bubble shaped tent is provides an unique outdoor living space in your garden. You can easily assemble the igloo style tent by your own with the help of the step-by-stem instruction manual. It takes only two hours to complete the setup and it doesn’t require any tools to install. This unique garden tent was created by the German based company called the ‘Gardenigloo’.

Garden Igloo | Garden Dome Igloo Tent For Your Backyard:

Garden Igloo

It’s made from the highly water-proof, rust resistant, high quality recyclable material. Unlike other dooms or normal, the uses the geodesic dome improve the strength of the igloo tent. So this bubble tent can easily withstand any kid of weather conditions such as strong winds and snow. It also comes with an adjustable windows to maintain proper airflow into the tent.

Garden Dome Igloo Tent

The two seasonal covers of the tent will prevents you from the hot sunlight by providing a shade. And in winter season, it evenly distribute the heat inside the tent to keep you warm. Not only as a relaxing space, you can also use the Garden Igloo as a  storage area, greenhouse, garden shelter, play area for kids, pavilion or a jacuzzi cover.

 Igloo Tent For Your Backyard

The most impotent use of this tent is, it will extremely protect you from the bloodsucking insects like mosquitoes, and bugs from your garden. Whole package of the garden igloo tent comes with a PVC standard frames, metal clamps, PVC conservatory cover, assembly instruction and screws. This transparent igloo style tent measures 11′ 9″ in diameter, 7′ 2″ in height and have 107 ft² floor area. Check the Backyard igloo tent on!

Garden Igloo | Garden Dome Igloo Tent

Watch the Garden Dome Igloo Tent in action down below:

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